We process and sell many different varieties of honey, although an exact 100% purity cannot be guaranteed.


Poly flora honey (wildflower)

This is a combination of early spring flowers which forms a natural blend of honey. No one flower dominates the flavour and the honey varies in taste, season to season more so than the others. It is normally of a light appearance.

Rape Seed honey

Our ‘set honey’ variety is white in colour and offers a sugary texture alongside a subtle flavour.


Bean honey

Honey of a golden appearance with a very sticky and thick texture, offering a strong, full bodied, long lasting flavour.


Borage honey

This type of honey is clear with a runny nature and is of our sweetest variety. This offers a traditional, classic honey flavour.


Sweet Clover honey

It is sweet, delicate flavour with a hint of vanilla which in turn provides a more fragrant smell. Runny in texture with a pale colour.

All honey sold at Stockbrook is collected from our own hives which thrive off Essex forage. We run between 50 and 80 hives during the summer months, being moved to different crops throughout the season, starting with rape, moving onto the Bean flower and finally progressing on to Borage and Sweet clover. This process consists of moving up to 50 hives a night where relocation time is key to prevent hive loss. Whilst ensuring they are moved a minimum of 3 miles, we use neighbouring farms and our own land to ensure high quality local procedure.

As this family run business started with our grandfather we have 45 years of experience. Throughout this time we discovered that relocating the bees maximises honey and production, increases pollination and provides you with a solo crop produce.

Our local farm produce Essex honey


Honey can be used as a natural alternative to sugar which enables it to be a delicious sweetener. Additionality used to add flavour whilst cooking or simply eat it on toast or morning cereal.


Our honey is best stored at room temperature, if it starts to crystalize simply warm it up to return it to the original runny texture.

 Honey kept in its original container will last for decades!

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